The aim is to produce a complete holistic plan and infrastructure for Research Data Management in the University, making data generated by research at the University both available and discoverable with effective curation throughout the full data lifecycle in consultation with the researchers who produce it. Specific objectives are: to determine current practice and future requirements; to produce an institutional RDM policy informed by the results; to support that policy by integrating data management tools and support into a pilot data management infrastructure.

The project will be based around the production of an institutional research data management policy by the University Research Office. This policy will be supported by the production of user support and tools by the Digital Institute, Information Systems & Services and the Library. Project management will be performed by Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine (MEDEV) who will also contribute their considerable expertise and ensure that anything produced by the project is joined up with learning and teaching where that is appropriate.

Outcomes will be:
• Institutional research data management policy
• A costed business case for a sustainable institution-wide research data management infrastructure

Outputs required to achieve those outcomes are:
• Knowledge of how data curation and storage are currently being done across the institution and of what requirements there are
• A policy framework
• Research data management tools to support that policy framework
• A framework to support researchers in the use of the policy and the tools
• Integration of policy, tools and support to provide a pilot research data management infrastructure



Timing (month)


1.    Project management


1.     Project web site

2.     Project plan

3.     Steering group

4.     Consultative group

5.     Evaluation strategy

6.     Dissemination strategy

2.    Requirements


7.     Published review of policy and practice

8.     Published requirements analysis

9.     Use cases

3.    Policy


10.  Policy and practice framework for research data management.

11.  Draft institutional Research Data Management policy submitted for approval

4.    Assessment of tools


12.  Report on the outcomes of the assessment

5.    Assessment of systems


13.  Report on the outcomes of the assessment

6.    Implementation of research data management systems


14.  Research data management systems

7.    User support


15.  Human Support Infrastructure

8.    Pilot infrastructure


16.  Pilot RDM infrastructure

17.  Refined use cases

9.    Evaluation


18.  Report on the effectiveness of solutions identified

19.  Report on the effectiveness of the pilot research data infrastructure.

20.  Business case for sustainability

10.  Dissemination


21.  Outcomes of dissemination (internal dissemination and publicity; presentations at Programme meetings and other events)

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