Outcomes will be:

• Institutional research data management policy recommendations
• A costed business case for a sustainable institution-wide research data management infrastructure

Outputs required to achieve those outcomes are:

• Knowledge of how data curation and storage are currently being done across the institution and of what requirements there are
• A policy framework
• Research data management tools to support that policy framework
• A framework to support researchers in the use of the policy and the tools
• Integration of policy, tools and support to provide a pilot research data management infrastructure

Outputs will shared here when completed.

List of recent outputs:
RDM support materials

iridium external RDM support/training materials review

iridium stakeholders HFI mapping

iridium research data management plan template and guidance

iridium Newcastle context DMPonline (v3) guidance

iridium research data management support website

RDM tools development

iridium research data catalogue specifcation

iridium research data catalogue user testing

iridium e-Science Central SWORD specifcation

iridium SWORD endpoint within e-Science Central (Sourceforge) Test Data

iridium CKAN case study

iridium CKAN Java Client code base (Github)

iridium DMPonline (v3) external tool evaluation

iridium external RDM tools assessment

Policy development

iridium DRAFT policy principles and code of good practice (archived 10 Decemeber 2012) (see institutional RES policy page for most recent version)

Requirements gathering

iridium online survey report v2.2 (summary)

iridium online survey report v2.1

iridium interview thematic analysis (summary) v1

iridium interview thematic analysis v1

iridium Inductive Thematic Analysis Summary of Findings (v1)

iridium RDM requirements interview questions (example main questions)

Online survey PDF form (v7d)

Project management

iridium project plan (v8)

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