As a research-led institution, Newcastle University is committed to the full lifecycle of research management, investing over the last 4 years in the development of two major systems to support researchers: MyProjects and MyImpact. Leading on from this successful development, University Research Committee has identified the need for policies to govern the storage, management and curation of research data across the institution. Iridium, which is a significant intra-institutional collaboration, will produce those policies in consultation with researchers along with the infrastructure required to support their adoption and use.

Managed by:
Lindsay Wood, MEDEV, Newcastle University
T: 0191 222 5888
F:  0191 222 5016
lindsay.wood [AT] ncl.ac.uk

Directed by:
Janet Wheeler, Manager, Research & Collaborative Services, Information Systems & Services, Newcastle University
T: 0191 222 8062
F: 0191 222 8765
janet.wheeler [AT] ncl.ac.uk

Project Team:

Ben Allen, Research & Collaborative Services, ISS
Peter Dinsdale, Information Security, ISS
Clive Gerrard, Research & Collaborative Services, ISS
Sean Gray, Infrastructure Systems, ISS
David Hill, Head of University Research Office, Research & Enterprise Services
Paul Haldane, Infrastructure Systems, ISS
Suzanne Hardy, MEDEV Pete Harvey, Infrastructure Systems, ISS
Pete Harvey, Infrastructure Systems, ISS
Phil Heslop, Digital Institute
Simon Kometa, Research & Collaborative Services, ISS
Andrew Martin, Research & Collaborative Services, ISS
Stephen McGough, Research Manager, Digital Institute
Niall O’Loughlin, Research & Enterprise Services
Victor Ottaway, MEDEV
Megan Quentin-Baxter, Director, MEDEV
Paul Thompson, Research & Collaborative Services, ISS
John Williams, University Library
Dave Wolfendale, Assistant Director (Learning Teaching & Research), ISS
Simon Woodman, Computing Science

Postgraduate support:

Natalie Cresswell
Blanca Garcia
Jack Jago
Amy-Jane Lively
Kelechi Njoku
Sathish Sankar Pandi
James Turland
Catherine Pruitt Velásquez

All the project team are at Newcastle University and can be contacted collectively via iridium [AT] ncl.ac.uk


Iridium foil image cc: by-sa Dschwen

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