iridium – JISC MRD02 monthly updates to January ’13

Progress to date

Workpackage 0 (Project Management)

  • 4th Steering Group meeting took take place on 08 January 2013, with two further planned for April and June 2013

Workpackage 1 (Requirements)

  • activities completed

Workpackage 2 (Policy)

Workpackage 3/4/5 (Tools, Systems, & Implementation)

  • Research Data Catalogue (RDC) user testing data loaded
  • DCC DMP Online tool used to host draft iridium institution-specific post-award DMP template
  • local CKAN test system established
  • e-Science Central Shibboleth authentication added, with SWORD protocol functionality being investigated

Workpackage 6 (Human Support)

  • additional good practice guidance content and revised draft policy principles added to developing RDM support website
  • meetings with Netskills on 09 Jan and 13 Feb 2013 to outlined RDM workshop and online training requirements
  • documentation for RDM tools authored
  • productive meeting with Staff Development Unit on 14 February 2013

Workpackage 8 (Evaluation)

  • draft RDM policy principles for available for open consultation from institutional website
  • testing fitness for purpose of identified RDM tools underway (see
  • RDC minimal addition metadata entry testing and user acceptance will take place from February 2013, with 12 PIs invited to record data location (representing 39 research projects and 474 publications)
  • iridium support team have evaluated project RDMP template implementation within DMP Online system, to be followed by research funding support staff and researchers

Workpackage 9 (Dissemination)

  • Niall O’Loughlin (RES) gave a talk to research office representatives from Brunswick Group on 25 January 2013 on ‘Open Research Data’.

Activities in the last months

  • Dr Ben Allen and Dr Simon Kometa registered to attend ‘CKAN for RDM’ on 18 February 2013
  • Paul Haldane registered to attend ‘RDM Storage Workshop’ on 25 February 2013
  • Niall O’Loughlin registered to attend ‘Research data in the Visual Arts’ event on 06 March 2013

Risks & issues

Risk/issues likely to present in the coming 3 months are:

  • project still needs to be very clear that the iridium project is not about data storage space provision
  • managing researchers’ expectations about provision of RDM tools
  • REF 2014 will be a major priority for researchers and institution in coming months

Milestones & challenges

In the coming 3 months, identified milestones are:

  • project outputs (policy, tools and training) aligned into pilot infrastructure
  • pilot infrastructure evaluated against research projects’ needs
  • monitoring institutional IT re-structuring for embedding of project outputs
  • promoting uptake of pilot infrastructure and outputs
  • business case authoring
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