iridium – RDM systems/tools ‘connectivity’ (busy researchers don’t like duplication of metadata entry!)

Briefly when discussing potential scope for the proof-of-concept Research Data Catalogue (RDC) we talked of *possible* future ‘connectivity’ needs.

We noted that researchers have told us *very* clearly that they do not want to enter research project admin data/outputs metadata twice in multiple systems, either internally or externally to institution.

This requires us to understand some of the systems the RDC may need to exchange metadata with that have existing information already entered. These could be local research group metadata catalogues, local/national repositories and other online systems (for example, we would need to outline the technical protocols (standards) for interoperability with national funder research output systems our researchers have been using).

1. Possible external connectivity needs?

i) ROS?
– example ->
Schema: ?
API: ?

iii) MRC e-Val/Research Fish?

“Can I integrate the data from e-Val with other systems?

At Researchfish we want to reduce the burden on researchers required to provide information to their Funders and other organisations. As such we offer an API to allow you to use the data in other systems and the data is available for you to download at any time. We are also working with a number of organisations such as EuroCris to ensure future compatibility of our data with other research information systems”

Schema: ?
API: Yes, need details.

iii) Je-S?
Schema: ?
API: ?

2. Possible internal connectivity needs?

i) A future desktop tool?

ii) Sakai VRE?

iii) e-Science Central?

iii) Most likely research group data set/outputs catalogues/’repositories’ (at least 1 possible example  identified), but many have not been discovered yet, so a standard interoperable feed (in and out) are important i.e. OAI-PMH, SWORD2, (CERIF/XML, RSS maybe ?)

NB: ‘JISC and Research Councils UK work to reduce reporting burden on Universities‘ post from August 2012 is topical.

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