iridium – workshop talk and dissemination at JISC Progress Meeting, Nottingham

The iridium project presented at the JISC MRD02 Progress Meeting in Nottingham. The two day schedule from the event is here, together with the Programme introductory/close slides.

Workshop topics were:

  • Institutional RDM policies; developing an institutional strategy and an ‘EPSRC’ roadmap
  • Managing active data: storage, access, academic dropbox services
  • Data management planning: developing good practice and providing effective support
  • Data repositories and storage: options for repository service solutions
  • Training & guidance
  • Triage and handover: what to keep and where to entrust it? Selection and appraisal, deposit and handover
  • Business case: covering roles, responsibility, costing, sustainability, advocacy etc
  • Data catalogues: metadata profiles, identifiers

Individual projects were encouraged to contextualise presentations around the following themes:

[1] “what has worked/is working”
[2] “what lessons you have learned and how generalisable these may be”
[3] “what challenges remain”
[4] “how such challenges may be approached and what your institution/project intends to do”
[5] “what DCC / MRD activity you think may help make the challenge more tractable”

iridium ‘support’ presentation within ‘Training & Guidance’ session:

iridium presentation thumbnail

iridium presentation

iridium_JISC_Progress_25_10_2012_v4_web_sml_LW [.pdf]

We also presented two posters, one on the research data catalogue proof-of-concept and the second on our thematic analysis requirements gathering.

Other project presentations from the Programme are available here.

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