iridium – reporting on existing internal and external RDM-related policy analysis mapping

A RDM-related policy analysis mapping exercise was conducted by Niall O’Loughlin with assistance from members of the iridium support team.

As a short summary, this is where we found related policies both internally within institution and externally. Shared here, as it may be useful for the wider Programme and other institutions carrying out similar activities.

Internal sources of policy mapping and guidance documents:


Code of Good Practice in Research:
Policy on Access to Research Outputs:
Policy and Procedures in the event of Academic Fraud:
Policy Regarding the Participation of Volunteers in Research Projects:
Policy Statement on Intellectual Property:
Policy on Intellectual Property rights for Research Students and Visiting Workers:
Research Policy on Intellectual Property and Research Studentships:
Record Management Policy Document:
Records Retention Schedule:
Process for the Initiation, Development, Sign-off and Subsequent Management of MoUs and Other Types of Agreement Policy on Access to Research Outputs
Ethics Governance:

Links to Research Council Guidance: Links to professional Organisations & codes of Practice:

Links to legislation:
University Policy and Procedure for Investigating Allegations of Research Misconduct

Policies overview:


Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers:
Policy on Public Interest Disclosure (whistle blowing):

Data Assurance Policy and Procedure:

Freedom of Information Act:
Information Security Policy:
Information Security procedures:
Information Security Guidelines:

University Safety Policy:

Staff Policies:

Two iridium support team members took the draft policy principles and code of good practice document and looked at these in relation to above policies/guidance documents, mapping for any potential conflicts, key phrase matching and highlighting any further references. This highlighted the following existing guidance documentation/references:

  • CASE Award Students/Studentships/Self-funded Students
  • Policy and Procedure for Ethical Review (which includes reference to the NHS requirements)
  • Preliminary Ethical Assessment Forms/full ethical review, Research Ethics Committee, plus the Trust R&D Approvals Committee
  • Pricing policy and strategy for research, consultancy and other services rendered

A further iridium support team member took on some focused tasks looking at data security polices and examples of local policy implementation.

External sources of policy mapping and guidance documents:

Key Legislation:

Freedom of Information Act (2000)

The Data Protection Act (1998)

The Computer Misuse Act (1990)

External research funder policies:

This was made easier by the very useful guidance provided by the DCC website resources:

As an example, the MRC has a specific guidance:

Also, the LSHTM (thanks to Gareth Knight [@gknight2000]) have done some recent work for medical research funders on this and shared (with a CC licence!):

While, specifically, NERC have recently updated guidance: (see also blog at DCC)

External institutional RDM published policies:

Again, this was made easier by the DCC website resources:

New institutional policies/roadmaps are frequently being released in draft and final versions now, including recent ones.

External journal policies on research data sharing:

A recently awarded JISC project ‘Journal Research Data Policy Bank (JoRD) ‘ is looking at these issues (thanks to @simonhodson99 for linksvia JISCMRD JISCMAIL list). Early outputs:


3 Responses to iridium – reporting on existing internal and external RDM-related policy analysis mapping

  1. Lindsay Wood says:

    I liked that the Leeds draft policy states the clear benefits:

    “The University recognises the following benefits of implementing this policy:
    a. support for the re-use of data
    b. benefit future generations
    c. improved data integrity, security and access management
    d. opportunities for further research collaboration
    e. improved research reproducibility and validation
    f. further development of research skills
    g. the ability to cite data as a publication
    h. improved institutional research reputation
    i. improved relationship with research funders”

  2. Lindsay Wood says:

    The Lincoln ORBITAL JISC MRD project, summary of the DCC Cross Council Policy review provides a succinct overview of original headings

    Published outputs
    Time limits
    Data plan
    Long-term curation
    Data centre

    DCC Cross Council Policy Overview:

  3. Lindsay Wood says:

    Newcastle University DRAFT policy for consultation: (bottom of page).

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