iridium JISC MRD02 – monthly update for August ’12

Progress to date

Workpackage 0 (Project Management)

  • project plan updated to include human support additional planning detail
  • continued discussions on detail of project exit strategy
  • third Steering Group took place on 30 August 2012 (embedding, project transition to institution and data storage needs for iridium project outputs)

Workpackage 1 (Requirements)

  • requirements gathering publish as outputs on website and will be disseminated locally and within JISC MRD Programme
  • resultant project actions drafted for dissemination internally to stakeholders

Workpackage 2 (Policy)

  • no significant changes

Workpackage 3/4/5 (tools, systems, & implementation)

  • DataStage/DataBank evaluated in local infrastructure test installation and initial user testing Oxford-hosted demonstrator
  • DMPOnline external hosting at DCC preference identified and initial testing conducted with iridium support team
  • local Research Data Catalogue (RDC) proof-of-concept tool demonstrated on 21 August 2012 and tested within project team. Second session on 18 September 2012 planned.
  • local e-Science Central tool modifications identified (i.e. Shibboleth authentication) and evaluated by iridium support team
  • discussions with Bath on Sakai VRE and SWORD deposit

Workpackage 6 (Human support)

  • RDM support materials writing day held on 23 August 2012
  • importance of tailoring information to different audiences and signposting material held elsewhere within a Newcastle context identified
  • specific workpackage forward plan written

Workpackage 8 (Evaluation)

  • project evaluation plan expanded with quantitative/qualitative measures, stakeholders and timings
  • JISC Evidence Gatherers’ benefits reviewed
  • evaluation of draft policy principles through FRCs conducted

Workpackage 9 (Dissemination)

  • formal and newsletter style project internal updates drafted
  • Digital Institute project partner submitted poster to Digital Research 2012 (Oxford) on requirements gathering
  • project invited to a specific Academic Unit Research Committee in late October 2012

Activities in the last month

Janet Wheeler attend the Digital Institute’s HPC workshop at Newcastle University

Risks & issues

Risk/issues likely to present in the coming 3 months are:

  • team still needs to be very clear that the iridium project is not about data storage space provision
  • degree of policy revisions that might be required is unknown
  • managing researchers’ expectations about provision of RDM tools
  • uptake of iridium outputs within institutional IT restructuring period

Milestones & challenges

In the coming 3 months, identified milestones are:

  • revision of draft policy documents following consultation with FRCs
  • draft policy approved by URC
  • project outputs (policy, tools and training) evaluated against researcher needs
  • suitable research projects engaged for evaluation of draft outputs
  • planning for project exit strategy

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