iridium – what training support do RDM policies and systems require?

Looking around at other projects and institutions outputs on RDM training/support, I’ve noted these themes:

Understanding of research data definitions and various forms (across different disciplines)
Writing a RDM plan
Organising data files
Data file versioning
File formats/open standards to share/archive data
Documenting sufficient research data context and high-quality metadata for data discovery/re-use
Safe data storage and security (including secure data transfer, guidance on use of email for research data) [UPDATED – storage methods (Cloud, etc.) – pros/cons]
Local/national RDM-related policies
Transparency and open access agendas
Data curation/preservation explained  [UPDATED – what to keep? Appraisal and selection (see comments below)]
Sharing and licensing data sets
Searching for and finding data sets
Re-use of data sets, correct attribution/citation of data sets
Local and national tools to support RDM
Sources of assistance/guidance on discipline-specific RDM

Is this a comprehensive list (comments welcome!)? What else is needed?

Also, noted the following institutional websites with public outputs supporting local RDM practice and approaches to organising RDM support information:


6 Responses to iridium – what training support do RDM policies and systems require?

  1. Thanks for this, Lindsay. A very useful summary and post.

    I don’t see ‘What to keep? Appraisal and selection’ here. Criteria for retaining and publishing research data will vary from discipline to discipline and case to case, of course. But I should think discussion of these criteria would be an important part of any training and guidance.



  2. BTW, Lindsay. It would be helpful if you could activate the links to the URLs given?

  3. Suggestion as a theme! Cloud computing – maybe a survey of what researchers are currently using (for good or bad) to store and share their data – i.e. dropbox.

  4. Lindsay Wood says:

    Leicester RDM support pages add to list above:

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