iridium JISC MRD02 – monthly update May ’12

Progress to date

Workpackage 0 (Project Management)

  • Management Group meetings took place on 10 and 24 of May 2012 to review progress against project plan and active workpackages
  • 2 newly appointed postgraduate support team members aligned to biomedicine inducted and are active on project
  • next Steering Group arranged for 30 August 2012

Workpackage 1 (Requirements)

  • online survey closed on 11 May 2012 with 128 project responses
  • summary report of online survey is being authored
  • findings from thematic analysis of interviews have been reported internally
  • findings will inform use cases for policy, supported by tools and training

Workpackage 2 (Policy)

  • existing policies and guidance have been worked into a draft RDM policy
  • draft policy and Code of Good Practice went to University and Faculty Research Committees (URC and FRCs) for initial consultation
  • recommendations from requirements gathering will be incorporated into draft policy

Workpackage 3/4/5 (Tools, systems and implementation)

  • collation of existing external RDM tool details has been documented
  • working group meeting will be held to gain input on development of research data catalogue (RDC) so far and external outputs interface.
  • iterative user testing of RDC internally and then with researchers is planned from July 2012
  • deployment of e-science central considered and requirements identified

Workpackage 6 (Human support)

  • working group met on 28 and 29 May 2012
  • planning was conducted for consideration of requirements gathering data, external tools, drafting of documentation and mode of delivery for various stakeholders

Workpackage 9 (Dissemination)

  • internal dissemination took place at URF on 30 May 2012
  • posters prepared for ARMA 2012 on June 12-13 2012
  • poster has been drafted for ECRM12 in late June 2012

Activities in the last month

Risks & issues

Risk/issues likely to present in the coming 3 months are:

  • team needs to be very clear that the iridium project is not about data storage space and to manage researchers’ expectations
  • researchers do not give/identify their needs or that researchers’ needs are out of scope
  • project highlights existing practice in data management that requires change

Milestones & challenges

In the coming 3 months, identified milestones are:

  • full RDM requirements identified and analysis published, including use cases
  • exemplar research projects identified and engaged
  • revision of draft policy documents following initial consultation with FRCs
  • postgraduate students project activities management
  • subset of RDM tools and systems assessed and have been identified for taking forward
  • initiation of iterative evaluation of policy, tools and training materials

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