iridium – postgraduate support team

The iridium postgraduate support team were recruited to work on all aspects of our project for its duration. Initial workload will be focused on conducting institutional RDM requirement interviews. Our aim was to recruit postgraduate support from across all our Faculties. It proved move difficult to get applicants in post aligned to medical sciences, but we have follow up plans to address this and our recruited support team have capability to work across disciplines.

Postgraduate support team were inducted in late January 2012 with a session on project context and RDM basics. This was followed by training and briefing on the requirements gathering interview script and analysis methods. This was followed up by some interviews with ‘friendly’ researchers. All postgrads have blog accounts and we hope that they will assist in disseminating about project activities. The support team have completed the MANTRA RDM online training tool and this will be blogged about in the near future [update]. I believe the support team have found MANTRA useful and we have some anecdotal insights into RDM PG training wishes, which we hope to fully explore in our later human support infrastructure/training workpackage.

The support team are currently busy arranging, carrying out and documenting interviews with research staff about their RDM practices and needs.

iridium is interested in how postgraduate students are being engaged in different JISC MRD02 projects and findings. We have noted following:

Doctoral Training Centre?

Service oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management
We need to find out, listed on JISCMRD02-Commonalities Google Doc?

PG research diaries/workshops?

Case studies with PG?


4 Responses to iridium – postgraduate support team

  1. Jez Cope says:

    Hi Lindsay, thanks for this — it’s useful to have someone pull together links to blog posts on various topics like this.

    It’s interesting to see you immersing your selected PGRs in the project itself. They should have one interesting viewpoints and I hope you do persuade a few of them to blog about their experiences.

    • Lindsay Wood says:

      Hi Jez,

      I’ve asked the PGRs to give some feedback on MANTRA and to reflect on experiences so far through the blog.



  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Yes, many thanks for doing this. Extremely useful. I’ll look forward to the PGRs’ feedback on MANTRA.

    We mentioned the idea of a PGR workshop – let me know if you think that would be useful. I’d be interested to discuss what it might involve and whether it would be a useful activity.



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