iridium – JISC MRD key benefits and metrics task from start-up meeting

A task assigned at the JISC MRD02 start-up meeting in Nottingham was to identify three key benefits that each project felt would be generated and indicate what evidence we felt would likely be be produced within and beyond the lifetime of the project.

Benefits and metrics were provided from the JISC MRD01 RDMI projects and Beagrie evaluation report: [page 4].

Two major outcomes were identified in the iridium project plan:

i) an institutional research data management policy (as required by the funding councils)

Benefit = long-term road-maps for RDM

Metric = improvements overtime in benchmark results (e.g. surveys of awareness of relevant support services or funder requirements) 

Benefit = improve data management plans and policies

Metric = re-use of infrastructure in new projects

ii) a costed business case for a sustainable institution-wide research data management infrastructure to support that policy

Benefit = Sustainability of research data infrastructure

[Metric = Institutional buy-in over long time period? Ratification of sustainable policy framework (???)]

Benefit = Cost modelling to plan for increasing demand

[Metric =  Re-use of model/costed decisions to support new projects/policies; validated activity-based costing[1] (information discovery/retrieval/data loss[2] (???)]

I found sustainability and cost modelling metrics troublesome.

In the project plan, we also identified several other benefits.

iii) project plan (evaluation) benefits

Influence beyond project on other policies

Benefit = integrated thinking around RDM

Our metric = number of related policies revised/guided

Benefit= Data routinely discovered

Our metric  = increased number of successful data requests

Benefit = Permanent change to practice

Our metric = reduced number of negative outcomes related to poor RDM practice

Other projects work on this task is here:


[1] JISC MRD01 Outputs,

[2] Sudamih project,

2 Responses to iridium – JISC MRD key benefits and metrics task from start-up meeting

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  2. Hi Lindsay,
    I think this is a very useful structure for thinking about the benefits and how you might measure or demonstrate them. I like the way you’ve applied them closely to two of the main deliverables of the project, and then also to the work of the project more generally.


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