5 Responses to CERIF in Practice Workshop

  1. clivegerrard says:

    To this I’d add a time dimension, for example:

    Some meta-data is immutable and can be associated at the time of generation of the data.

    But we might need to allow later correction or removal of certain meta-data if it was deemed to be incorrect or inappropriate.

    Other meta-data may be added later as a result of the further use of that data, especially in fields where cross-disciplinary research is growing.

    • Clive –
      sorry for the late post; just stumbled across this.
      CERIF includes temporal semamtics alongside role semantics in all relaitons between base entities I(objects) so the temporal dimension is well-defined.

  2. Thanks for this, very useful. A number of projects are hitting on this, or very similar three level models. This is something we would like to coordinate at the programme level. See Louise Corti’s post about the metadata discussion at the #jiscmrd Launch Meeting: http://researchdataessex.posterous.com/metadata-session-feedback-mrd-2011-13-program

    Best, Simon.

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