Iridium JISC MRD02 project – October ’11

Progress to date

Workpackage 0 (Project Management)

  • a full team Management Group meeting took place on the 17 October 2011 to formalise project team roles and conduct detailed project planning
  • a job specification has been written and initial processes for recruitment of postgraduate research students has begun
  • established project website[1], blog[2] and Twitter[3] account
  • written and submitted project plan
  • documented provisional dissemination strategy in project plan
  • related external projects policy review begun
  • regular internal and external reporting: project planning on schedule

Workpackage 1 (Requirements)

  • working group assigned to take forward survey and face-to-face interviews
  • identified need for a representative sample of researchers/projects

Workpackage 2 (Policy)

  • working group to analyse existing related polices and formulate a draft institutional RDM policy for comment will meet on 9 November 2011

Workpackage 3 (Assessment of tools)

  • survey of requirements from WP1 required

Workpackage 4 (Assessment of systems)

  • survey of requirements from WP1 required

Workpackage 8 (Evaluation)

  • preliminary discussions documented in project plan, to be developed further by Project Manager

Activities in the last month

  • internal dissemination through full project team meeting on 17 October 2011
  • communication lines identified
  • website, blog and Twitter have been used to disseminate
  • internal mailing list established and used to for project discussions and dissemination of Programme information, together with related projects/events
  • extended stakeholder analysis completed
  • project reported to at University Research Committee on 31 October 2011

Risks & issues

Risk analysis has been documented in project plan and a risk/issue log has been established on internal project management site.

Risk/issues likely to present in the coming 3 months are:

  • team needs to be very clear that the iridium project is not about data storage space and to manage researchers’ expectations
  • researchers do not give/ identify their needs or that researchers’ needs are out of scope
  • project highlights existing practice in data management that requires change
  • until March 2012, preparation workload for researchers relating to REF14 will deter project engagement

Milestones & challenges

In the coming 3 months, identified milestones are:

  • project plan accepted and external reporting submission
  • postgraduate students recruitment
  • RDM requirements identification
  • exemplar research projects engagement

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